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Tonight was a lot of fun. We didn't end up doing the whole 7-11/ski ball date but we will Im sure in the future.
Andy had to go into work to cover for the other girl for a few hours because she had to be in court over a traffic ticket. He didnt get home till about 4pm and we didnt get into Pasco till about 4:30pm. We went to this mexican resturant in down town Kennewick that used to be called Casa Chapala but is now just called El Chapala. Some new people bought it and the food tastes so much better now and its resonably priced. Andy ordered me the Polo Ranchero and it was soooo good. It had chicken sauteed with bell peppers and onion and had motserella cheese melted over the top and then refried beans and rice. I also got a strawberry daq and he got Carana Asada with corn tortillas and rice and beans. We had a great time stuffing our faces and chit chatting. After that we went to the Columbia mall and walked around. Went to the video game place but didn't see anything that we had to have right then. They had the Mario Kart game for the Wii out and I tried that. SO FUN. But it costs 50$ and comes with one of the steering wheel things for the Wii mote. We didn't get it, but I think we might later on for sure. It was kinda weird trying to play it with the Wii mote side ways and having to turn it from side to side to drive haha. I have horrible hand eye cordination.
We were only out for maybe... 3 1/2 hours, but it was much needed and very nice to just spend some time together as a couple. We very rarely ever get to do this. *sigh* I had a very nice evening.
I also made my first offical sale using paypal and guage trade. Im so happy. Oh I got some new jewlery also. I know.. Im spoiled rotten. *sigh*
I got these surgical steel 0g pinchers and 0g surgical steel nf plugs and 0g surgical steel tunnles with the bling gems in them. Just like the black ones I have in 2g except the stones are baby blue. So cute. I took pictures of the goodies, but will need to upload/post later on. Maybe tomorrow.  OH and btw they are selling Twilight shirts and posters and buttons at Hot Topics. *swoon* I wish I could wear the girly shirt sizes there. I would buy a Twilight shirt heh.
OK well I am going to go. Im being such a piggie and having a blackberry milk shake from Burger Ranch. We got the kids dinner from there tonight since it was so late by the time we got home. Anywho... night all. =D