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28 June 1982
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my Journal
My name is Tamarind some call me Tam or TamTam or Tamsoony. I'm 29 years old (AHHH!), married, two kids, three cats and a crazy hamster and 2 guinea pigs. I love The Beatles,tattoos, piercings, all sorts of fun body mods, reading, swimming, crafty things galore, Everquest2, All kinds of movies, Animal rights, Blythe dolls. I could go on and on about me. I'm just really eclectic over all. (:

Born in California living in Washington with my Husband and our family. I hate the cold and the heat and we get both here woohoo! Love to cook and sing love all kinds of music. My Husband and my kids are my world. The Husband and I been together now... almost 10 years. He is the most wonderful guy in the world. OK enough mushy stuff lol. Want to get to know me add me. Leave a comment on my Friends Only post. I swear I am crazy, but only in a good not psycho kinda way heh.



Credit xo_oldgreggory